Technologies are changing
conception of implants
High-tech production
Unique developments
Reliable solutions
Technology that guarantees
consistently high results of implantation
DM implants are distinguished by their precision and unique external thread structure. When using which, traumatism is significantly reduced. Which ultimately leads to a shorter healing and rehabilitation period in the implantation protocol. Even when installed in the extraction socket, immediate loading and when using short implants.
Ideal solution for obtaining high primary stability at any bone density and with virtually any ridge structure (width and depth).
The result of a constant process of improving innovative products and technologies, are DM Implants of the Active-Calcium series. They combine unique advantages in terms of both surgical convenience and engraftment.
For the surgeon:
Convenience in work + confidence in the result
For the patient:
Shortening the rehabilitation period after implantation
Morse taper
Narrow, less aggressive, small apical diameter. which ensures maximum
decreased bone trauma
Self-tapping knife-shaped progressive thread design
BeneFits of implants
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High primary stability
Unique surface treatment technology
Reduced trauma due to the modified structure of the thread pitch
Perfect compatibility with prosthetic parts
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